giovedì 14 giugno 2018

Temp: An urban emergency pavilion

Design Team: Dimitra Chatziandreou, Gian Luca Petroselli, Giuseppe Vultaggio

Temp is an emergency pavilion, designed to meet the needs of a population after a natural disaster. Usually, when it comes to emergency situations, designers tend to focus on providing temporary housing solutions, neglecting the fact that a space which is able to host communal activities can actually contribute to the reconstruction of the social fabric. That kind of spaces enable people to meet, talk, play and carry out activities that will utterly contribute to sheltering one’s identity, thus to social cohesion. The pavilion consists of a three-dimensional framework of metal tubes (scaffold tubes) that forms an enclosing square, intended to host public events. The peripheral structure (0.90m wide) incorporates a variety of wooden modules of different functions: First aid, changing rooms–storage, education, meditation, playground and living. In-between these modules, there are removable elements, anchored to the framework, hosting secondary functions: Relaxation, gardening and memory...